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Looking for family-friendly tours in Koh Samui that are suitable for kids of all ages? From island hopping by private speedboat to 4 wheel drive jeep tours in the mountains of the tropical jungle, there are plenty of fun activities and things to do the whole family is sure to love! Check out our top 10 list below of the best family tours in Samui.

1. Ang Thong Snorkeling Adventure by Speedboat

best family tours samui

Credit: anjali elizabeth on Flickr

Jump in a speedboat with your family for a full day of island hopping, snorkelling, kayaking and exploring the beautiful Ang Thong National Marine Park — a picturesque archipelago consisting of 42 islands. Your trip begins with an hour of snorkelling along the shallow-water reefs of Koh Wao (perfect for children). Then you will take a scenic cruise through the entire marine park and visit islands such as Koh Tai Plao, Monkey Island, Lion Island, Koh Samsao, Koh Paluay, Emerald Lake at Koh Mae Ko and more! During your stopovers at these magnificent islands, you will be able to go hiking, kayaking, swimming and snorkelling. A delicious Thai buffet lunch is also provided throughout the day.

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2. Red Baron Junk Boat Sailing Tour and Buffet

family tours in Koh Samui

Credit: The Red Baron – Photography by Anne Sophie MAESTRACCI

Jump onboard a traditional wooden Junk Boat and combine a leisurely cruise with a delicious Thai buffet meal. As you sail along the coastline off Koh Samui, your vessel will make numerous stopovers at a variety of shallow reefs and islands along the way. Here you can go swimming, snorkelling and view an abundance of colourful tropical sea life. Your captain will then find a sheltered bay near Koh Som or Koh Pha Ngan where you will enjoy a marvellous Thai buffet dinner in a truly amazing setting on board the boat. There is also a free-flowing assortment of beverages, fruits, and snacks throughout the day.

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3. Best Places Around Samui Tour

Temple in Samui

This must-do tour takes you on a journey around Koh Samui where you can uncover the unique cultural heritage of the island. During this half-day tour you will visit the world famous Big Buddha temple, see the mysterious Mummified Monk, admire the panoramic scenery from Laad Koh viewpoint, be entertained by monkeys at the local ‘monkey school’ and marvel at the amazing Grandmother and Grandfather rock formations found at the very southern tip of the island. During your tour you will be able to sample a variety of local food from Thai street vendors and your guide will give you insights/information about all of the places you visit.

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4. Family Snorkeling Tour to Ko Tao & Ko Nang Islands

Ko Tao - Ko Nang Islands - what to do in samui

Credit: Joan Fruitet on Flickr

This all-inclusive family-friendly snorkelling tour starts with a delicious continental breakfast at Bang Rak Pier. Next, you will take a speedboat ride to Ko Nang Yuan Island where you can go swimming, snorkelling, relax sunbathing or go hiking through the jungle to the magnificent Nang Yuan viewpoint. Around midday, you will then hop aboard another speedboat and be taken to the tropical beaches of Ko Tao (Turtle Island). Here you will indulge in a traditional Thai buffet lunch and head to Hin Wong Bay for a few more hours of beach activities. You will be able to spend some time at Mae Haad Pier and Walking Street on your way home to buy some souvenirs, before being taken back to the comfort of your hotel or villa.

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5.  4 Wheel Drive Jeep Jungle Tour

Family activities in Ko Samui

Photo credit: Ungsafari.com

Take your family on a tropical jungle adventure and learn about the unique cultural heritage of Koh Samui with this exhilarating 4-wheel drive tour with a personal guide. During your full-day excursion, you will relax at peaceful waterfalls along the way, taste authentic Thai food from different local restaurants, visit world famous tourist attractions like the Big Buddha and Mummified Monk — all while taking in the stunning sights from the back of a 4 Wheel Drive Jeep. You will also be taken to a rubber tree plantation and an orchid farm to chat with locals, eat some freshly picked tropical fruits and learn all about the rural lifestyle of Koh Samui residents.

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6. Private Speedboat Charter (with family-friendly crew)

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Photo credit: Samui Speedboat Charters on Facebook

Separate yourselves from the busy tourist crowds with an exclusive speedboat tour for just you and your family around Koh Samui and surrounding islands. Your luxury speedboat charter comes with a crew of attentive staff and is fully equipped with everything you need including a comfortable sofa, table, cabin, fridge, storage, toilet and sound system. Visit the beautiful nearby Koh Taen and Koh Mudsum islands to go snorkelling and marvel in their unspoiled nature. Drop anchor at an outer-reef in the middle of the tropical ocean and try your luck with some fishing. Take a tour to visit the Pink Dolphin Bay and relax on the white sandy beaches of Khanom.  You have the ability to customize your day trip and spend your day however you like with your own private speedboat charter.

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7. Private Long-tail Boat Tour Around Samui

Private family tours samui

Photo credit: Rungthip37 on Pixabay

If you and your family prefer a more traditional adventure, hiring a Thai long-tail boat and driver is the perfect way to go. Take a slow journey around the scenic coastline of Koh Samui island and do whatever you please. Your local guide and boat driver will suggest to you a number of different places and hidden beaches worthy of visiting (depending on what you feel like doing). And happily wait for you for the entire day while you enjoy some quality time relaxing or exploring with your family. While not as luxurious or fast as a speedboat, taking a full-day tour in a private long-tail boat offers a truly authentic vibe to your family’s Thailand experience.

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8. Eco-Friendly Elephant Sanctuary Koh Samui

Samui elephant Sacntuary eco-friendly tours

Photo credit: Samui Elephant Sanctuary on Facebook

This amazing elephant sanctuary in Koh Samui is much more than a regular elephant trekking tour. Here you will learn all about the importance of these phenomenal creatures and have a unique opportunity to take closeup photographs, walk with, feed and observe how elephants forage, socialize and play in their natural habitat. All of the elephants here have previously endured a hard life working long hours in the tourism entertainment or logging industries. So you can enjoy your day with these magnificent elephants knowing they are no longer being exploited and you are actually playing a role in helping their rehabilitation. One of the best family tours in Samui that is sure to give your family great memories of your trip to Thailand.

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9. Hire a Private Sailing Yacht (with family-friendly crew)

Private yacht charter family koh samui

Photo credit: Boutique Yachting on Facebook

Embark on a special journey around Koh Samui and surrounding islands with your family on a private sailing boat. Share the experience of cruising the tropical ocean, visiting remote islands and relaxing on white sandy beaches — while friendly crew members take care of all of your family’s needs. You get to customize your day and do as much or little as you please. Swim in the ocean, go snorkelling, paddle a kayak or just relax on board the yacht while enjoying lunch or dinner with your family. You can choose to hire a private sailing yacht for half-day, full day or even overnight. Just let the crew know exactly how you would like to spend your time on board the yacht and the attentive staff will make sure you have everything you need for a memorable adventure.

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10. Pink Dolphin Spotting at Khanom

Koh Samui family friendly tour for children

Photo credit: OceanSamui.com

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to view a rare species of pink dolphin in the open waters of the Gulf of southern Thailand. During this full-day trip you will be taken on a guided tour around nearby islands where you can enjoy snorkelling, kayaking and other fun water activities — then you will make your way over to an area called Khanom, where the elusive pink dolphins are known to visit frequently. There is a pick-up and drop-off service from your hotel or villa, and a traditional Thai lunch is provided throughout the day.

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